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Why Landscaping Matters For Homes On The Market

Landscaping Design Brings Value

It’s getting to be that lovely time of year again when home buyers are looking for home to call their own and home sellers are preparing to have them look! Landscaping is often overlooked as being important, but in my experience as a home inspection expert, I know that it matters.

Let’s take a look at a few reasons why landscaping really does matters:

It Provides Visual Appeal

Put yourself in the shoes of a home buyer, even if you aren’t selling your home. Take a walk around the exterior and just look. Do you have cobwebs? Do you have untended plants? Does your garden look dull?

These are all things that impact the visual appeal of your home. Seeing a garden or yard with proper and beautiful landscaping isn’t just aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, but it makes others appreciate what it took to keep it maintained.

It Preserves The Natural Elements

Even if you live in a big city, there’s something nice about feeling at one with nature. Having a landscaped area can help to achieve this goal. Imagine having a more comfortable ambience as you walk around and look at your home.

If you make the outside feel more like home and you do end up wanting to sell the property, chances are that buyers will feel more at home in the space, too.

It Can Make A Home Feel More Spacious

Square footage is important to a lot of families and you may not be able to add more to an existing home, but you can make use of otherwise seemingly useless outdoor space.

Creating a landscaped seating area around beautiful plants will give your family (or a future family if you sell your home) a retreat of sorts which is more space or an extension to your home.

What’s important to remember is that not every landscaping option has to be over the top expensive. In fact, you can find plenty of “do-it-yourself” videos and tutorials online to get your started. If you simply don’t have time to do anything by yourself and you want to hire a landscaping company to help you, consider shopping around to find the best priced team to fit your budget!

Take advantage of the springtime weather! Good luck and happy landscaping!