How to fires caused by wiring

How can you protect your home from faulty wiring?

Did you know? You can actually protect your electronics from catching fire?

There is! And it’s known as an Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI). Thing is, unless your an electrician, you have no idea what an AFCI is.

An AFCI is a type of breaker designed to detect arc faults in your home’s wiring. This product trips the breaker before an arcing fault can cause a fire. Over 40,000 fires, annually, are attributed to home electrical wiring going faulty. An AFCI can save you from being one of those 40,000 fires.

How to tell if you have AFCI breakers:

Open up the electrical panels and look for a “test” button.

Now, look for a label to find out what kind of breaker it is. There are two kinds of AFCI breakers you need to look for: Branch Feeder (or BRAF) and Combination Type.

The difference between these two breakers is that Combination Breakers are newer.

If your panels have the older BRAF type breakers. It’s strongly recommended to replace these breakers with newer combination type AFCI breakers.

What happens if you don’t have AFCI breakers?
At present, there is no way to install AFCI breakers to be installed into very old homes without rewiring and installing new panels into the house.

If your not looking to sell your current home, then the upgrade is solely up to your judgement as a homeowner.

Although do keep in mind, that this upgrade could spell the difference between a home fire and having to replace almost everything in your home, and spending the money to update your home to modern wiring.

AFCI breakers are truly a safety improvement for your home.

If you would like to have an electrician check your home and you don’t know who to call, we recommend calling the following vetted company:

Company Name: Rabbit Electric
Contact Name: Ron Szucs
Phone Number: 405-249-5755

Oklahoma City Home Inspection

Oklahoma City Home Inspection: Earthquake Damage Or Not?

Oklahoma City Home Inspection: Structural damage

While your home is a strong, intricate structure there are many factors that cause the exterior (and sometimes the interior) of the home to change. While some of these changes are obvious, other times it can be a little difficult for homeowners to recognize potentially hidden issues. Recently, it seems that Oklahoma has gained a bit of a reputation with all the reoccurring earthquakes that we keep having. Oklahoma City home inspections have led me to see a lot of different types of structural damage, but much of the time it has nothing to do with earthquakes.

Keep in mind, my Oklahoma City home inspections are from top to bottom, therefore; I see it all. The truth is, I see a lot of things that most homeowners don’t believe are really there, because they haven’t ever taken a good look to see the damage themselves. It’s probably true of most homeowners that there is a “blind spot” of your home that you never go to. It’s not the side of the house with the water hose, the garage door leading to the backyard or even the shed. It’s, generally, a corner on the side of the house that you never really looked at.

These earthquakes are causing more and more people to call about Oklahoma City home inspections, however; some homeowners feel compelled to search their own house after an earthquake hits. When they find tiny cracks on the side of their house they automatically think it was caused by the earthquake. Not to say that these earthquakes won’t get worse and that earthquake insurance isn’t important (we just never know these things and by all means check with your insurance agents), but to be one hundred percent honest a lot of the structural damage that I find is preexisting of these earthquakes.

A thorough Oklahoma City home inspection will be the only way to be sure that I can identify any structural weaknesses that may not be obvious to the homeowner. A property inspection is advisable, even as a precaution, if any structural damage is spotted inside or outside a house.

About me:

I’m Jan Banks of Inside Out Home Inspection Services. I do Oklahoma City home inspections in the metro to include a 50 mile radius. I am dedicated to serving all customer inspection needs across this greater Oklahoma City metropolitan area. I have over 20 years experience in the construction industry as an estimator, job superintendent and a licensed General Contractor.