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Common Household Problems in Older Homes

Things to Have Inspected in an Older Home

Home inspections are helpful, especially when it comes to older homes. Houses that have seen a few decades, or even a century or two, have charm, quality craftsmanship, and tons of stories to tell. However, they are also prone to issues that are unlikely in newer homes. Here are a few examples of things to look out for before buying an older home.

  • Structural issues. It is natural for an older home to settle, and some structural change is inevitable. However, if the home feels like a funhouse with rooms settling and slanting, or if the floor has soft, sagging spots – that’s a big red flag. It doesn’t mean the home is out of the question, especially if the prospective owner is looking to remodel. However, structural repairs are often expensive. Jacking up a corner may only cost a couple thousand, while an overhaul of the structure could cost tens of thousands.
  • Outdated infrastructure. This topic covers many smaller areas of a house, such as the age of appliances and the age of the roof. However, it’s also important to inspect the electrical and plumbing aspects of the house. There may be dangerous or outdated wiring, or old galvanized plumbing. These do not always need to be immediately updated, but they do need to be addressed.
  • Energy efficiency. Older houses are insulated differently, and often have large, poorly insulated windows. This means more to some buyers than others, but it doesn’t hurt to try to find average costs of monthly utilities in the home, so that nothing comes as a shock later.

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