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Why You Need a Home Inspection Before Selling Your House

3 Reasons to Hire a Home Inspector Before Listing Your Home for Sale

It’s important to have a firm understanding of your home’s value before selling your house. Many home sellers unfortunately overlook the importance of a pre-sale inspection and wind up selling much lower than they expected. The truth is, the buyer will inspect the home no matter what, unless it is purely a teardown or a fix-and-flip property. Therefore, it does the seller no favors to skip the inspection beforehand. Here are a few reasons to inspect before listing.

  1. You’re in control of repairs. If the inspector discovers a need for repairs, you – the seller – are the first to know. This will allow you to control the repair process, rather than wait for the buyer to demand different or more expensive repairs. This is easier before selling your house.
  2. It’s goodwill toward prospective buyers. Even if the buyers or their lender choose to inspect again, a pre-listing inspection shows that you have nothing to hide, and your home is an open book. There is also a frame of reference for the buyer and buyer’s agent to look to for questions about the property before their own inspection. It can also assist you when negotiating an offer with a potential buyer leading to quicker and higher offers.
  3. Inspections can highlight good things, too. Inspections don’t just show buyers the bad things about a home. They show a lack of negative qualities, and many good qualities, too. For example, if your home has pristine structural integrity, historic wood, a new HVAC, or a new roof – that will all clearly show in the inspection report. It serves as validation for all the nice things you and your agent can tout about the home in the listing.

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