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3 Tips To Consider Prior To Beginning Bathroom Makeovers

Plans For When You’re Planning A Bathroom Remodel

Are you thinking about a bathroom makeover? Before you start it might behoove you to consider a few things before getting knee deep in the trenches of a remodel.

Many homeowners often make the mistake of just jumping right into a project without thinking over the nitty gritty details. To help you out our Oklahoma City home inspection team wanted to provide you with a few beginning tips to consider prior to beginning your bathroom makeover!

1.) Know Your Layout Before Demolition: Don’t just assume that you’ll figure out how you want your new bathroom to look as you go along. Be wise and have an actual sketch of the layout before you go knocking down walls and have a plan to refer to so you will know what the final project is supposed to look like.

Also, make sure you have a good understanding of the plumbing before removing anything connected to the pipes.

2.) Set A Realistic Budget: Once you have your plan in place it should be easier to budget. Don’t start out aiming too low on your budget, because you’ll be disappointed or may have to cut out some of the important details if you don’t have enough capital to finish.

Be realistic by looking at your actual finances and taking care of your monthly expenses prior to setting aside enough budget to make it through your remodel project. It may benefit you to overestimate on budget in case something goes wrong.

Once you set a realistic budget, then you can try to shop around and find bargains that will help you come out under budget!

3.) Fix Any Problems Before Completion: As you go along with your bathroom makeover take time to fix any problems (even minor ones) that pop up. If you try to lie to yourself and say that you’ll be happy with it no matter what, chances are you’re going to notice that mistake forever.

If you ever plan to sell the house in the future, imagine that the buyers will most likely notice mistakes, too! So, whether it’s a misplaced tile or a chipped piece of paint on the wall don’t ignore the problems or pass over them just to make it to the finish line.

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Need Some Simple Ways To Spruce Up Your Bathroom?

Easy Bathroom “Remodeling” Tips

If you’d like to do a complete home remodel, but you just don’t have the cash on hand to do so, there are some cheaper options. The main area that is the cheapest to tweak, and will have the greatest impact, is the bathroom.

You can complete some simple changes that will give your bathroom a new look for less.

Whether you’re trying to sell a home or you already own one you can follow these simple steps to get a fresh, new look in your bathroom.

1.) New Paint Colors: Tired of the dull white look? When trying to get rid of white walls, many people fall into the trap of TOO MUCH COLOR. Don’t fall into the land of crazy, bright colors.

For your bathroom, just think neutral colors. The neutral color may not have to be painted over should you ever wish to sell your home as it gives new home buyers style without being completely blank.

If you really want something bright, keep in mind that pops of color you like best can be brought in through accents and decorations.

2.) New Faucet: You’d be surprised just how fancy your bathroom can look just by swapping out the faucet for something more modern. Additionally, this is a fairly inexpensive update.

Consider matching the shower head style and color to the faucet to really pull the look together.

3.) New Shower Curtain: Is your shower curtain old and dingy? Are you just tired of looking at it? Changing out your shower curtain may just be the cheapest update you can make that will make a difference in your bathroom.

Since you’ll, ideally, be going for neutral paint colors choosing a neutral themed shower curtain may be best. Remember, you don’t want to go to the land of crazy, bright colors.

4.) New Wall Accents: New light fixtures, a nice picture or two, and perhaps an updated mirror would really make your bathroom feel like brand new.

You don’t have to go too expensive here and if you’re crafty you could even make your own artwork to hang up, saving even more money.

If you find that the simple changes aren’t enough and you need more extensive work done like new tile, vanity repairs or other handy work that you’re incapable of doing yourself then consider one hiring this trusted handyman services:

Business Name: Diaz Home Remodeling
Contact Name: RodolfoDiaz
Phone: 405-694-0529