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3 Reasons Your HVAC Could Be On The Fritz

HVAC Problems That Should Be Addressed Quickly

The official first day of spring is right around the corner and before you know it, your HVAC unit will need to switch gears to help keep you cool. When you turn on your A/C for the first time after a long winter, it may be surprising when it doesn’t function as you intended. Today, our home inspection team put together this list of 3 reasons your HVAC could be on the fritz.

1.) The Thermostat Is Not Functioning: You don’t have to deal with uncomfortable temperatures for much longer than necessary or waste money attempting to run a system that isn’t working properly. It may be easy, at first, to put off calling a service specialist when your thermostat breaks. After a while; however, the temperatures will be too much to withstand. Luckily, this problem can be easily solved and isn’t too expensive.

2.) The Filter Is Filthy: Changing the HVAC filter is often one of the top priorities that people tend to forget about as they shuffle about their busy lives. Dirty filters can be deceiving and may cause you to think they’re still functioning just fine, but a dirty filter will eventually cause your system to overwork to produce the desired results. The prices of new filters range from cheap ones that must be changed monthly to more expensive ones that can last double or triple that length of time.

3.) The Refrigerant Is Leaking: The liquid refrigerant, also called Freon, is a very important component for helping to create the cool air that comes into your home. Not only does the air coming out feel too warm when there isn’t enough refrigerant in the system, but it can also cause the HVAC’s condenser to work harder than it should. This can inevitably lead to more problems. If the refrigerant isn’t in the system, it’s a safe bet that it is leaking as it doesn’t just disappear. Again, this fix shouldn’t cost too much to take care of.

These are just a few troubleshooting problems, but there are other things to think about such as keeping the ductwork clear and kink-free, having regular maintenance check-ups by a professional HVAC company and receiving ongoing protection for your unit.

Many heating and cooling companies offer low-priced, preventive maintenance service contracts between $70 and $100. For that price they will clean and service your HVAC unit and replace your air filter.

The cost of replacing an entire air conditioning unit as a result of neglect can have you spending thousands of dollars; therefore, keeping up with regular maintenance could save you some heartache and money in long run.

Need an HVAC professional to help you out? Try one of these trusted sources:

(1) Company Name: Hurst Heat & Air
Contact Name: Robert Hurst
Contact Number: 405-921-5503

(2) Company Name: Air Flow Technologies
Contact Name: Tom Tyler
Contact Number: 405-577-5400