Want To Learn About The Cost Of Weed Control?

Weed Elimination For Your Lawn

Have you ever struggled with keeping weeds out of your yard? Weeds crowd out the grass and plants by hogging all the nutrients. The problem here is that great curb appeal begins with a healthy lawn.

The part of your home everyone sees first is your lawn, so it’s understandable that you’d want it to look decent. A lot of people have already started their lawn care routine for the year, but it’s not too late to start treating your yard for weeds.

Here, you can learn about the cost of weed control and how to battle the invasion of weeds in two different ways.

The first way to keep weeds out of your lawn is going to require a lot of your time, effort and, possibly, a lot of money. Weed control sprays and other herbicides that you can purchase at a local store will cost you about $10 up to $70. Some of these products claim to last up to six months, but experienced users know that some of those “6 month” solutions only kill what is there right then, meaning they don’t prevent new weeds from returning.

In fact, some weeds start growing back in a week, causing consumers to drop another $10-$70.

Even less costly methods such as sprinkling salt or vinegar on plants only kills what was previously there and it may kill the grass you actually wanted to keep. Factor in the time it takes you to drive to the store and prepare your lawn and ask yourself if this is worth it to you or if you’d rather move on to the second way to prevent weeds.

The second way to prevent weeds is to hire someone else to take care of it for you. We’ve done the research to find that the price of professional weed control depends on the size of the lawn, the extent of the weed problem and your geographic location.

Generally, prices per treatment range from $50-$100, with anywhere from six to nine visits recommended per year. Would rather have weed control done right or continuously spend your own time, effort and money attempting to keep up with relentless weeds?