Our Philosophy

Objectivity: I am fully independent. You can be confident that I will always provide an uninhibited and straightforward home inspection for you, my client. I rely on continued inspections for long term clients, as well as their referrals to friends and associates, for the majority of my business.
Thoroughness:The inspection time for most homes ranges between 1.5 – 2.0 hours and creating the inspection report back at the office can often take a similar amount of time.  I go over the report with you before leaving the property if possible so we can look at any items that we need to.
Detailed reporting: It is you that benefits from knowing about the real property condition, therefore my intent is to present my inspection findings in a comprehensive report describing the conditions of the home and also providing photographic evidence of apparent defects and deficiencies. I have the written report in your hands the next day.  I often send it to your realtor as well, if you prefer.
Infrared Technology: The use of Infrared Technology is used to find hidden defects and moisture damage that is unseen to the naked eye. To learn more about Infrared Technology and see pictures, go to the Infrared Technology tab of this website.