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Reduce Foundation Movement

What Can You Do to Reduce the Rate of Foundation Movement.   An owner can significantly reduce the rate of differential settlement by observing the following recommendations: Try to maintain a constant moisture content in the soil around the foundation. Water the soil evenly and around the entire foundation during extended dry periods. This should […]

Causes of Foundation Movement

Expansive soils have a relatively high percentage of clay minerals and are subject to changes in volume with changing moisture conditions. Two of the most common expansive soils are the adobe soils found predominately in the Southwestern U.S.. and Lea (highly frost-susceptible) soils, found mostly in Eastern Canada. Furthermore, all types of clay soils are […]

Attic Insulation

Since the weather has been bitterly cold, you may be wondering about your attic insulation.  During the winter, attic insulation prevents heat within the house from escaping through the ceiling and into the unheated attic space. During the summer, it reduces outside heat from radiating downward through the attic and into the house. All insulating […]

Our Philosophy

Objectivity: I am fully independent. You can be confident that I will always provide an uninhibited and straightforward home inspection for you, my client. I rely on continued inspections for long term clients, as well as their referrals to friends and associates, for the majority of my business. Thoroughness:The inspection time for most homes ranges […]